Question #1- How Do You Build Relationships with Students and Families?

Building a relationship with your students and their families is an important step to engaging parents as teachers of their own kids.  What are some things you have tried that helped to foster relationships with parents and families?


Comments from SPLASH participants:

– have an open door policy

-respond quickly to parent phone calls

– have a daily note

-have a blog

– talk with parents at Open House/Back to School Night/Meet the Teacher

– welcome letter


9 thoughts on “Question #1- How Do You Build Relationships with Students and Families?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Home visits. We visit each family at their house before the school year starts.
    Grandparents Day with songs and refreshments.
    Encourage volunteers.

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    • The first few years I taught, we did monthly home visits! Can be scary sometimes, but I think it really shaped the teacher I am now. I learned not to take for granted that kids do not just need to be successful in the classroom, but at home and in life as a whole!!


  2. My assistant and I take pictures daily of the children engaged in activities and each weekend I create a web album that I email to all the families with my weekly “what’s coming up “note. They do love the pictures and often email them to grandparents who live far away. The pictures also serve as a jumping off point for discussions with their child about what’s happening in the class.


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