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This site was designed to compile ideas from my workshop for teachers titled “Giving Parents a Peek Into Your Classroom”.  The ideas are primarily for early childhood teachers, but could be modified for other grades.  Feel free to leave a comment for each question below to make a great resource for engaging parents as effective teachers at home!

Networking with other teachers is a fun way to learn ideas and bring something fresh to the classroom each year.  I would love to get to know you!  Please tell us your name, current job title, and any other interesting info about you!

I am Whitney Futch.  I have been teaching little ones for almost 20 years!  I am currently teaching preschool in West Monroe, LA.  My husband, Heath, and I have 2 beautiful daughters, Abby and Kendall.

Thank you for joining me at SPLASH 2014.  I really enjoyed meeting all of you!

The link to my powerpoint is here:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/42572794/GiveParentsAPeek.pptx


Question #1- How Do You Build Relationships with Students and Families?

Building a relationship with your students and their families is an important step to engaging parents as teachers of their own kids.  What are some things you have tried that helped to foster relationships with parents and families?


Comments from SPLASH participants:

– have an open door policy

-respond quickly to parent phone calls

– have a daily note

-have a blog

– talk with parents at Open House/Back to School Night/Meet the Teacher

– welcome letter

Question #2- How do you encourage parents and families to volunteer in the classroom?

How do you get parents to volunteer in the classroom or the school?  What are some volunteer opportunities that were successful in the past or that you want to try in the future?

Joyce Epstein’s Six Types of Parental Involvement:

**TYPE 3–VOLUNTEERING: Improve recruitment, training, work, and schedules to involve families as volunteers and audiences at the school or in other locations to support students and school programs.

Comments from SPLASH Participants:

– give incentives for parent volunteers

– volunteers can read, make copies, be greeters

– have volunteer folders and supplies ready for activities

– have some parent meetings during the day or at lunch time and feed them

– request supplies needed

– put volunteer opportunities on your class/school website


Resources for Teaching Effective Parenting Skills

Based on Joyce Epstein’s Six Types of Parental Involvement, what resources or activities do you use to share effective parenting advice with families?

**TYPE 1–PARENTING: Assist families with parenting and child-rearing skills, understanding child and adolescent development, and setting home conditions that support children as students at each age and grade level. Assist schools in understanding families.

Resources for Communicating with Parents

Based on Joyce Epstein’s Six Types of Parental Involvement, what activities or resources do you use to communicate with parents effectively?  How do you encourage 2-way communication?

**TYPE 2–COMMUNICATING: Communicate with families about school programs and student progress through effective school-to-home and home-to-school communications.

– allow parents to come into the classroom to drop off and pick up so you can speak with parents

– daily take-home folder (with a place for parents to reply)

-weekly notes/calendars

Helping Parents Become Effective Teachers at Home

Based on Joyce Epstein’s Six Types of Parental Involvement, what resources or activities do you use to promote learning in the home.

**TYPE 4–LEARNING AT HOME: Involve families with their children in learning activities at home, including homework and other curriculum-linked activities and decisions.

-give parents a copy or website to view your state’s PK and K standards

– MEANINGFUL home activity suggestions